Monday, October 1, 2007

Timeline for our adoption in Guatemala


This message is for those adopting from Guatemala who love to look at timelines. I will warn those of you just starting out, I've been at this long enough to see that absolutely NO two cases look alike. So, you may see people in PGN for 8 months or 8 weeks. It just really depends on... well, I'm not sure what it depends on, too many factors to list, but they're all different.

So, with that in mind:
Here's kind of how our case has looked.
8/3/06 - signed with agency
8/8/06 - mailed application for the I600A
8/18/06 - announced to the family we were adopting
Worked on all the dossier "stuff", Dr.'s visits, passports, required reading, etc...
9/16/06 - Fingerprints with US CIS
9/28/06 - Turned in all completed dossier stuff, certified and ready to go to the consolate. Went on the waiting list with a particular orphanage as #17 for a little girl!
10/26/06 - Got AL DHR approval. Moved to #11 on the waiting list
10/30/06 - Jumped to #6!
11/?/06 - went to #1
12/30/06 - received the CIS 171H
1/17/07 - Referal - Lesly Josandy (aka - Sarah Beth)
1/19/07 - accepted referral
1/22/07 - Turned in POA (Power of Attorney)
1/29/07 - All documents forwarded to the attorney in Guatemala
3/2/07 - 6 weeks and still no DNA test scheduled!!!!
3/29/07 - DNA scheduled for 3/30.
4/3/07 - News that the BM (birthmother) didn't show for her appointment
4/7/07 - News comes that the BM DID show for her appointment. Don't know what the mixup was, but the DNA is a match!
5/22/07 - PA (pre-approval) came today.
5/22/07 - 8/3/07 - NOTHING! Had to have birth certificate reregistered because the grandmother did it and it had to be the birth mother. This was done right away, but then we had to wait for a document showing that EN is a legitimate orphanage. Waited over 2 months for that! Social Worker requests that another attorney get involved and we got the paperwork quickly, and were FINALLY submitted to PGN on 8/3/07!!!!
8/31/07 - Found out we'd received a previo (kicked out of PGN) on 8/16/07. Never found out from the attorney what it was for, or what was done.
9/7ish/07 - Found out we were resubmitted to PGN on 9/5/07.
9/24/07 - Agency contacted PGN and learned we were with the 2nd reviewer (there are 3).

So, for today 10/1, we are still in as far as we know. We will check in with PGN again at the end of this week for an update.

Best wishes to all of you in process, for a speedy PINK.

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