Monday, October 15, 2007

Before and After Pics

Hi Everyone:

Just wanted to post my promised before and after closet photos.
I LOVE IT! I am so pleased with the results! This took us about 2 Saturdays or so to get everything done. We also did some work in our hall closet as well, not pictured here.

You'll notice that our closet is really long on one side and shorter on the other. On the shorter side we have all of our hanging items. Todd's are up top, mine are on bottom, and my dresses and long items are hanging up top to one end of his clothing rod. You'll also notice that my items are separated by color. I love that for ease of selecting the right item quickly, and I love the way it looks. Couldn't get Todd to organize his that way. :O( Most of his shirts are not solid colored so it would be more difficult. He does at least have them sorted by type of clothing (slacks, dress shirts, golf shirts, etc...)

On the long side (this wall in nearly 11 feet!), we used several different storage items. We've mixed wire shelving with 2 sets of hanging drawer units (I love these!). I found them on clearance at Lowe's. I also have a wooden shoe rack that holds 25 pairs and have topped it with 2 wire shoe shelves that hold about 9 more pairs or so. To the right of that is a 3 section laundry sorter. We sort our laundry as we take it off - whites, darks and jeans. I have another laundry basket in our linen closet in the bathroom for towels. Anna also has a 3 way sorter in her room, and sorts her laundry as well. I've already bought one for the baby's room too! This makes laundry a snap! No sorting when it's time to do it, and I can easily see what are the largest loads and what needs my attention first.

On this long side, we have stored folded clothing items: sweaters, Todd's work jeans and shirts, and our winter fleece items. We also have a small bin with gift items in it. (These are things I've picked up on sale/clearance for Anna to have on hand to give as birthday gifts if we don't have time to shop. I also have a few items on hand I can take as hostess gifts if we are dining with someone else over the holidays, etc...) I also stored here extra bedding for our room and Anna's. These we stored in those "space saver" bags where you suck all of the air out with the vacuum cleaner. WOW! They really do save space!

Now, if your's isn't already looking beautiful, get to work and fix your closet too. You'll be glad you did!

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