Sunday, July 11, 2010

I haven't fallen off the face of the Earth...

For those of you wondering, the answer to the question "Have you fallen off the face of the Earth?" is, "No." Well, not exactly anyway...

Over the last few weeks we have been on two major trips back to back. One was to the beach for a week and the other to Gatlinburg with Anna for her National dance competition. I didn't want to post about our trips, upcoming or while we were away, because I don't know who reads this. I know that those of you who know me closely knew we were away, but for the rest of the internet world I didn't wish to announce it, if you know what I mean.

So, first we went to the beach for a much needed family vacation. It took Todd about 3-1/2 days to decompress enough to relax and begin enjoying our time there. Anna was able to carry a friend with her this year, which was a first and a real treat. I'm uploading a picture of the two at the beach, WOW - what a difference a year makes! That is all I can say about that! Just scan down the page and look for the picture of Anna at the beach last year sitting in the red leather chair. It's amazing what a year can do, huh? This year, we are minus the glasses (exchanged for contacts) and braces (Nice straight teeth and beautiful smile and I have a great Orthodontist recommendation if you live in our area.). She is growing into a beautiful young lady who has such a good head on her shoulders and we are so proud of her. I stand amazed at what the Lord can do!

As for the Nexstar Nationals competition in Gatlinburg, her trio received a "high gold" award and scored 3rd overall in their age division. The girls really did a fantastic job! We were so proud of them.

Now an update on my broken leg, I have hobbled along through each of our trips. I was unable to do the sand this year at the beach, needed a wheelchair at the Outlet mall and really hurt myself on some stairs, but I am officially off crutches and using an ASO brace!! Yay! (I have the name of a really great orthopedic too should you need a recommendation. He's part of the Andrew's Sports Medicine group at St. Vincent's Hospital and he did a really good job.) My leg has healed really well, and I'm in physical therapy working to get back full use.

Next up is the annual trip that Todd and Anna go on to Guatemala to do missions work. This year Anna will be helping with the children's VBS for an estimated 225 (!!!) children and Todd will be involved with building another home. For those of you who'd like to read about their trip from last year, visit this link for more info . Our Pastor is going with them this year and I know he will be so blessed by the opportunity. I will send updates as they arrive in Guatemala and begin their journey there. In the meantime, please be in prayer for the safe travel of their team and that the Lord will prepare the hearts of the people to receive His love as they show it to these precious people.

Our family has such a love for the people of Guatemala. We are so thankful to have been blessed by the Lord with the gift of a precious child born there. It is so sad that they will be unable to share this amazing part of our lives with so many they will meet in Guatemala because they do not understand our motivation for adopting one of their natives. Many there think that we put our internationally adopted children in the wars overseas to fight for us, some countries (though not specifically Guatemala) believe that their children are adopted by rich Americans to use as organ donors for their biological children who are ill. It is unfathomable to me the things that they have been told, the superstitions that they have been deceived by. I can not understand the evils they believe we would perpetrate against these precious children, and yet I know that evils are perpetrated against children all over the world every day. Sarah is so precious to us, I just can't imagine. Anyway, one of the things our team was asked to bring with them was a picture of their own family, this is something that they can use as they talk to those in Guatemala. It allows these people to see them with their own families, to have a way to relate and to see that they too have people whom they love dearly. Todd and Anna will only be able to share our family photo with a select few - as the Lord leads.

Enjoy the beach photos to your right and thank you to our special beach guest, Giann, for taking them!!

Abiding in His grace and hoping that I'm settling back into the blogosphere,

Without further ado, here's the photo, Anna (on the left) with Giann (on the right, duh)