Monday, June 15, 2009

Sign of Life... in our house

(This is a photo of our home during a little snow we enjoyed back earlier in the year.)
I don't know if you have ever experienced reading a quote, sign, piece of artwork, etc. that makes you say.... "That's Us!!!!"
Well, today, it happened to me,
in the middle of a Hallmark
store at the Galleria. I don't know who
the author of this piece
is so I can't give them credit. It will just have to
be listed as annonymous here.

This simple piece of artwork will be prominently posted in our girl's bath, with serves as our guest bathroom whenever we have company. So, without further ado, here's what it says:

In This Home ...

We do second chances.

We do grace.

We do real.

We do mistakes.

We do I'm sorry's.

We do loud really well.

We do hugs.

We do family.

We do love.

My very favorite line is that "we do loud really well" because that is the honest to God's truth!! We are a loud bunch when we get stirred up :O).

So, from our loud, loving, forgiving, apologizing, mistake making, real, grace filled,home of second chances to your's,


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Debra said...

I would love to have that on my wall....I think I am going to have to look for it :O!