Saturday, June 13, 2009

Cool Water and a Little Sunshine...

We bought the girls a small round above ground pool on sale at Academy last weekend... it took Todd two tries to get it just right. It's strange how an area can look really level, and then be out by three inches. Three inches was NOT going to be good enough for him. It had to be perfect. So, a couple of landscape timbers, and loads of dirt hauled with the backhoe and we had a "near perfect" spot to fill it up for a swim.

It's amazing what a little water and some sunshine can do for a couple of kids!!

Anna has always enjoyed playing in a pool, although she's never really had much of an active participant to play with. I really never wanted to get in because the water was always SO cold. This year, we purchased a solar cover, wow what a difference a large piece of plastic - that looks like a big sheet of bubble wrap - can make!!

So the girls and I enjoyed a nice day in a pool of comfortable water!! We had such a great time together, just my girls and I. Sarah loved hanging out with her new fisheys. Anna had a great time playing with her baby sister. I enjoyed the laughter and fun we had together.

That day was followed by another with a friend who came to swim. Another day of fun in the pool. We will definately get our money's worth out of this little thing!!!

Enjoy the pictures.
Abiding in His grace,


Giann said...

Have fun!!!! I will have to come over sometime!! I am family, you know!! lol. haha. jk.
C U Later!!!

Love you guys!!

Lori McGuire said...

You are welcome ANY time!!! Yes, you are family as far as we are concerned! We love you all very much. Have your mom give me a buzz and maybe we can get together one day soon to play in the pool, mud ride, or whatever you guys and gals all want to do.


Giann said...

Sounds good!!!