Thursday, September 25, 2008

updated info on Jennifer and Charles

I have some additional information on this family if you would like it, please email me privately

I don't want to post their personal information here.

Please help if you feel led,
Lori Mc.


John Edwards said...

Hey!!!!!!!!!!!! Charles and his brother Daniel came to Hillside last nite and shared, it was great. We gave him all that we could, plus some boxes of groceries. Thanks Lori for caring and helping so much. I have his number if you want it call us

John Edwards said...

PS we had dinner at Uncle Monks. It is payday. Have you ever been there?
We are loving it here, wish we had moved here years ago.

Lori McGuire said...

That is our favorite hole in the wall! You discovered it without us!!! Sunday lunch, they always have chicken and dressing! DELICIOUS! We eat lunch there almost every Sunday. At night they have a menu, the filet is out of this world, although it is pricey. At lunch, it's meat and 2 veggies bar. It is heavenly!
If you are there again at night, you must try the bread pudding. OH MY! Don't get it at lunch though because it's different - not sure why that is???

Next time call us when you're going, we love to eat out!