Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I wanted to write to thank those of you who had provided help for the family from Kenya. It has been amazing to see the Lord use us to help to provide for even their most basic needs. Jennifer is in the ICU at UAB and is not doing well. Likely, the money we've provided may be used for food here, or used to send her home for burial once she dies.

As always, we know that our God IS able to heal, so I ask that you intercede on her behalf, and that whatever God's response, we pray for grace for her husband and family.


As for me, I know that many of you have followed my continuing saga with my back. I have a great prayer need as well.

I woke this morning just a little before 5:00 with a horrific headache, apparently caused from having slept on my back, which put pressure on the herniated disc in my neck. I was able to take something and get easy, but not completely freed from it, today. I went to my Physical Therapist appointment and talked with her at length about the headaches and continued pains and "down days" where I can't do much of anything. I may have a few good days in a row, but then have one or two really bad ones that follow.

After several phone calls and heated discussions with two separate doctors offices today, I went to see my Primary Care Physician. (The pain mngmt. ctr. wanted to do yet another procedure, this time an ablation to the nerves in my neck! WHAT???? I don't think so!!) The interesting aside here is that my PCP is a MD. who is also an osteopathic physician who believes in full body care, and wellness medicine. Also, he had a horrible car accident several years ago, broke his back and neck and it was thought that he would never be able to practice medicine again. He is also a Believer. So, I felt comfortable with whatever he would recommend in regards to my back, since he's sort of "been there, done that."

So, he's talked to me, and with Todd also, and recommends that I go ahead and consult with a Neurosurgeon for the purpose of going ahead with surgery to remove the herniated disc. It's a long complicated explanation, so I won't bore you with all of that, but just wanted you all to know that I will be doing as he has suggested and seeking the advice of several Neurosurgeons.

Please pray for me and for my family as we seek the right physician, I've been given the names of three with whom I plan to consult. One is at St. Vincents, one at Brookwood, and one at UAB. So, I should see a nice variety anyway. :O)

I'm trying to stay positive, but am feeling quite sorry for myself (and my family). This will create a huge burden for Todd who is working alot these days (thank God, for the business in this volatile economy), and for my mother who will likely be joined at the hip after my surgery for many weeks. Literally, she will have to be here nearly all the time to help care for the kids, mainly Sarah Beth. I am told I will not be able to pick her up for likely 6 weeks or so. He said, no lifting groceries, no doing laundry (not that I'll miss that, but I will feel great amounts of guilt if someone else has to do it for me), no cleaning my house, etc... Luckily, I did go through with hiring someone to clean my house right after I fell because I simply couldn't do it. I know that guilt when your not able to do something is a wrong feeling, but I feel extreme guilt when I am unable to care for the needs of my family to my personal expectations (which I admit are rather high).

I am grieving the very idea of not being able to pick up and hold my little one for nearly 2 months if I go through with this. I don't want to miss a minute with her, yet I feel I've already missed much in the 6 months since I fell.

That's enough whining for now, please pray for me.
Hanging on to His grace by a thread.....

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John Edwards said...

Get well and cheer up, we are praying!