Thursday, September 4, 2008

To Write or Not to Write, that is the question

Well, lately I have received a couple of posts and a number of private emails encouraging me to do more writing on the blog, even perhaps to write a book.

Interestingly enough, as a child, it is what my parent's always thought I would do.

So, I am taking it upon myself to begin writing. I do not know to what end. I do not know if anyone will ever read it, but I am writing, and for now sharing it with my husband.

I have decided, because of my complete and utter frustration with the book The Shack, to write a series of three short books based on our personal experience of losing our first daughter, of living through the same circumstances with our second one, and about the glorious adoption of our third. The first book will be entitled Grace in the Sorrow.

Again let me say, I have not read The Shack, I understand that many people have had extremely strong responses to this book, both positive and negative. But I can say this, from what I have read, the description set forth in that book as "God" is not the same GOD I grew to know more intimately through our daughter's death.

The intimacy that I have experienced in my relationship to Him has come as a result of extreme suffering and grief, just as the fictional character of "Mack", but my story is not a tale of fiction. My story is of a real woman and her husband, and a real struggle to find a real God in the midst of fear, uncertainty, heart ache and grief.

Please pray for me. Though this book will likely never be published, become a best seller, or even be read by others, it is a labor of love and pain for me. I have gotten to about chapter 6, and have wept through the writing of large portions so far.

I always wonder if anyone ever reads my blog. Occassionally I get comments from people who got here by way of one link leading to another. If you are reading today and have any words of encouragement, I could sure use them.

God's blessings on you and your's,


John Edwards said...

Lori if you write 30 mintes a day, that is a page a day, that is a full length novel a year. A famous writer told me that if I had time to watch the news, then I had time to write a book. So I have! My new boss is an Englis major, maybe he could help us both.

Lori McGuire said...

Hey John:
I'll keep that in mind if I should ever finish it.
Continuing to pray for you and your family.