Monday, September 15, 2008

Suffering, and still trying to celebrate?!!?

Hi Everyone:

Honestly, it seems the problems related to my fall in April continue to go on!

I had another Dr.'s visit last week, and another MRI today, this time investigating my right shoulder. Now that I've gotten relief from the excruciating back pain - PRAISE GOD! - (from the 3 epidural blocks I've now had), I am having trouble with my right shoulder.

All along, we've (the doctor's and I) thought that the pain in my shoulder was from the cervical spine herniation, and in fact it may be. However, there may actually be another injury that we've unmasked now that my back feels better.

So, please be in prayer for me and my family as we continue to navigate all of this. I am most concerned for my family, who's having to take up so much of the "slack" around here. Anna continues to do a fantastic job of staying on task (most days) with her school work, and helping me out when I need it. She is learning so much this year, about more than just her school subjects.

Anyway, I have really great days and days when I wish for another really great day! :O)

Abiding SOLELY in His grace,

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