Wednesday, November 7, 2007

WE'RE OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It is official, we are OUT of PGN!!!!

Just got the call from our Social Worker with Lifeline. I didn't even think to ask her what day we exited, but must have been at the first of this week, because we checked in on Friday of last week.

Anyway, we are offically the new parents of a precious little Guatemalan, soon to be American immigrant, angel!

The next big step is to get the PINK slip from the embassy (so named because of the color of paper it is issued on).

Here are the final steps to our process: (Honestly, I am not sure of the exact order of all this, but here's what will have to happen before we can go to get her.)
1) The Lawyer has to go to pick up the documents from PGN. (This is the step which needs the most prayer, as he has been slow getting things done in other areas of the process.)
2) The new birth certificate will be requested and will take about 2 weeks to recieve. This is issued with her given first and middle name and our last name. (We will then do a simple "readopt" in the state of Alabama once she's home to change her name to Sarah Beth.)
3) The US Embassy will request a second DNA test. The baby is the only one tested this time, and it's to insure that the child is the same one originally tested. This also takes a couple of weeks for them to get back.
4)Once the USE has all of this, they will issue our appointment to pick up her up and get her VISA. This is what's known as "getting PINK".
5) She will need to see a physician before entering the US to insure that she does not have any contagious diseases, etc...
6) During all of this other stuff, the lawyer will apply for her passport.

All of these things can happen in as little as 4-5 weeks to as long as 6 or 8.

Please pray that they happen on the short end and we have her home before the end of the year! The Embassy will be closed the entire week of Thanksgiving and the entire week of Christmas which will cause delays for everyone. And of course, all of us anxious parents would love to have them home for Christmas.

Thanks to all of you for your continued prayers and support. It shouldn't be long now! I'd better get busy getting that room ready!

To those of you waiting for your little ones, God bless you, I know how hard it is. But, it really does finally happen!


hello somebody said...

oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!
i just said a prayer for miss sarah beth this morning!!
isn't it the most wonderful feeling???? congratulations!

Stephanie said...


The Wilkens Family said...

Wonderful news! Praise God!


Amy said...

This is Great News!! Praying she'll be home for Christmas!

Thank you Lord!

Whitney said...

Praise God, praise God!! Praying for all those last steps to go quickly!!!

PS When did you all go into PGN?

Lori McGuire said...

Hey Whitney:

We went in intially around the first of August. We got Ko'd and then resubmitted on the 5th of September. Our official "out" date I've learned was Tuesday 11/6.


hannah said...

This wonderful news. Praise God. It still gives us families still in process hope when we see little coming home. I will pray for you and your family. We also have a son at eagles nest. our blog is