Monday, November 12, 2007

The Paperwork Continues!

Hi Everyone:

I am amazed at the show of support we've had from friends and family, and even strangers!

The mound of paperwork continues as we begin to compile all of the things we will need to take with us to the appointment at the US Embassy. Please pray for me for clarity of thought as I try to get it all together, and that I will be organized! I know many of you who know me think I'm already too organized, but staying that way is extremely difficult for me. It is something I have to work at constantly! My inner slob desires to come out, all the time :O) !

I have added another family to the list of those we've "met" online who are also adopting from Guatemala. Their little one is in the same orphanage that Sarah Beth is in. I know some of you Sunday School friends have become "Guatemala adoptive family blog stalkers!" So, enjoy!

The Allum's should be settled into Guatemala on their visit trip. They are the ones who were taking the birthday package to us for SB, who's birthday is next Tuesday. I hate we are missing her first birthday, but I've had to resign myself to the fact that although we are missing many firsts, there will be many more once she is home.

Sorry, no pictures for November yet, hopefully we will have them before too much longer, the month is almost halfway over!

Love to you all,


The Wilkens Family said...

Hello! I am anxiously awaiting photos of our baby too! In case you haven't already seen them, the EN does have "Thanksgiving" pictures of all the children on their website. It would at least be one photo to hold you over!

Lori McGuire said...

Thank you! I always forget to look there! I think our Sarah B is on the left, 12th one from the top. It's hard to tell for sure because she isn't looking at the camera, but none of the others look like her at all.