Friday, November 30, 2007

DNA News/New Baby Pictures

Hi Everyone:

News is that our 2nd DNA test was performed at the first of this week. Results should be back to the embassy by the first to middle part of next week, and then the US Embassy will issue our "pink" slip with our appointment date and time. We anticipate the travel to occur within 9-12 days of the issue of our pink slip. So, that puts us with an estimated time to leave of 12/14-12/17. Please continue to pray for a speedy "pink".

Our Social Worker went to Guatemala last week with another family who was traveling to pick up their little one. She was able to spend some time with Sarah Beth, and reports that she is pulling up, which means the walking won't be far behind. How exciting! Whew, I've got some serious baby proofing to do around here. Also, she says that she is pleasant, seemed to get along well with the other children, etc... Here are some of the pictures she took for me!



Whitney said...

So beautiful! I have butterflies for you all just thinking about how soon you will have sweet Sarah Beth! Praying that Pink comes quickly!

hannah said...

She is precious. Anna is also one of our social workers. That is neat. I'm praying that you get pink soon because I know that she will be the best Christmas present ever.

Amy said...

Praying for a quick Pink and that your Christmas this year wil be filled with praises to the Lord for bringing your family together!