Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Health Update and New Pictures!

Hi everyone:

Just got the health update and pictures for November. Sarah Beth is now weighing in at a whopping 20 pounds 9 ounces, and is 28 inches tall. (Oh my aching back, I can just imagine what a shock it's going to be carrying her around all the time!) Which reminds me, please be praying for me about that. I am still in physical therapy 2 days a week from the car wreck I had in July and I'm still having a LOT of trouble with my neck and back as a result of that "little" fender bender.

The "other comments" were that she is well, (Hallelujah!) sitting up by her herself and crawling around. It is good to see those milestones hit even though they are markedly behind what we would hope for here in the US. I am confident she will catch up when she gets home. She's going to have a big sister and a little puppy to run from around here! :O)

I'm posting a couple of the pictures we received this month too. She's getting so big! Keep praying that we get our 2nd DNA test out of the way and the new birth certificate and passport issued quickly. Then, we are just waiting on the coveted "pink" slip!



The Wilkens Family said...

She is precious! Hope you are traveling to bring her home soon!


Lori McGuire said...

Good grief Jennifer, you must have been "stalking" me. I just posted this seconds ago and I thought, there's no way I've got a comment already, and yet, there it was!

We're hoping she is home very soon too!

Deidre said...

Lori, She is beautiful! I know that you cannot wait to bring her home!

Whitney said...

I love the little brow wrinkle she has going on...too cute. Praying this is your last update from EN, and updates will come from you from now on!

Stephanie said...

She is precious!! I told her how much her family loves her and they would be there real soon to get her forever!!!
Praying you get PINK real soon!