Friday, October 24, 2008

Quick update

Well, I am now about 36 hours post-op. I feel like I have a golf ball stuck in my throat, thanks to all of the internal swelling in my neck from the operation. I am in a good deal of nerve pain today, and was told by one of my doctors to expect that to last for about 2 weeks after surgery because the nerves would be waking up. So, I think that this is the worst pain I am dealing with right now. It is much like the excrutiating pain I had the day I fell.

Sarah Beth seems to be all out of sorts since my surgery. She is crying a lot, and it is most miserable not to be able to pick her up and comfort her. Much of her problem is that she is almost 2, and she loves to get into everything! However, it is also obvious that she senses something isn't quite right around here, and that it is affecting her as well.

We appreciate your continued prayers for us,


John Edwards said...

we are still praying!

Lori McGuire said...

Thanks John and Coni!


John Edwards said...

Hey we hope that you are feeling better. I have a friend that needs your help on his blog. Plus I need help! Get well!