Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Field Trip!!

Yesterday, we drove up to Georgia and spent the night so that we could be well rested for a nice half day field trip.

Tucked away in Dawsonville, Georgia, is a very interesting place called the Kangaroo Conservation Center. This place houses 300+ kangaroos breeds. They breed them, and then ship them all over the world to zoos, and other animal and conservation type organizations.

It was like we'd taken a short trip to Australia for the day!

The Lord blessed me with a good day. I drove all of the way up yesterday which was about a 3-1/2 to 4-1/2 hours drive. It was bedtime when we arrived, so I took my meds and laid down on my heating pad. AH!

Today, because we'd driven up lastnight, we were able to sleep in a bit and enjoy a leisurely breakfast before leaving the hotel. We did a great deal of walking today and I was never in acute pain! Hallelujah!

Another friend and her children rode with us, so I let her drive back home and took some meds shortly before we left.

Now, I've had my evening meds, I'm lying on my heating pad, and typing to you all. :O) But, I'm getting tired now, so I'm going to bed!!!

I'm posting pictures from our trip.


John Edwards said...

glad you are better and the field trip was fun!

Giann said...

I see me...............

Lori McGuire said...

Yes G,
There you are!