Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Prayers for the John Edwards family

I know that some of you will link to my blog based on the link from John's blog, so I wanted to give you all some information so that you might be praying for their family. I doubt John will be posting to his blog for a while anyway, so this is the only other way I know to reach some of you.

Yesterday, John and Coni's youngest son was injured at football practice. He has a lacerated spleen, among other serious injuries and has been in the hospital under observation in ICU since lastnight.

We were able to visit with them this evening, and it seems that he is improving, and will hopefully be moved to a step down/floor room within the next day or two, and possibly able to come home over the weekend. John and Coni are doing fine, and are in good spirits.

We have been praying without ceasing, as I know some of my close friends have as well, for this young man and his family. Many of you know that the Edwards lost a daughter in years past, as have we, and the pain of being in the hospital with a helpless child is indescribable.

Abiding in His grace, and thanking you in advance for your prayers for their family,


john john said...

Thank you so much!!

Lori McGuire said...

You're very welcome John! So glad that Brian is back home and resting! I bet he's about stir crazy!

Good to see you this a.m. at church!

Tell Coni, "Hi"!