Monday, May 4, 2009

Do you have a World Vision?

For months, our family has been praying about meeting the needs of others around the world. We desire to be a family who truly cares for the needs of others, around the globe, not only in our backyards. Isn't it easy to get so caught up in our lives, in our own little worlds, that we don't even see the need.

How many times, have you chosen to change the channel when a paid commercial comes on with starving children? I've done it. I can't stand to see it. It is heart wrenching. I'd rather be watching HGTV and enjoying someone's new updated home decor. What about you? ESPN?? Fox News?? Pick your channel, we all do it.

This year, we have vowed as a couple, will be different. We are pleased to be able to participate, with a ministry organization called Never Thirst. After much prayer we've decided as a family that we can no longer sit on the pews at Brookhills and "Amen" the pastor's sermons without doing something with what he's teaching us! We wanted to go on a mission trip as a family, something that would change and enrich our lives, as well as the lives of those we would minister to. We will do that eventually, but we decided this year, that the money would be better spent given completely to those who are ministering to the poor and needy.

The ministry's website is This particular ministry has come highly recommended from the pastor at Brookhills, Dr. David Platt, and Todd has had the privilege of meeting the man who helped start it. 100 percent of donations received goes directly to drilling projects, NOT administrative costs.

As owners of a plumbing company, we deal with water - all day, every day - it's what we do. As a result, while we enjoy working in 10,000 square foot homes, putting in thousands of dollars worth of really nice plumbing, it causes us to ponder the thousands of people who live without the most basic life need of clean drinking water.

In fact, more people live on this planet who do not have indoor plumbing, than those of us who do. I found that shocking!! And, I am very thankful that the Lord put me in the U.S. to enjoy that wonderful invention and to be able to provide for the needs of our family through it!! :O)

However, the fact remains that today, 4,500 children will die from preventable diseases, diarrhea, dehydration, and illnesses caused by drinking contaminated water. Did you get that number? Four thousand five hundred, TODAY!! That's 1,642,500 children per year. They drink from sink holes, mud pits, and shallow wells filled with contaminated ground water. It is to Todd and I, very upsetting.

As a result, we have commited to supporting this ministry and it's mission, to provide the basic need of physical water - in order to have an open door to sharing the truth of the Living Water found in Jesus Christ.

Todd wants me to also mention a "new addition" to our family. We've taken on a child sponsorship through World Vision, of a child from Guatemala. She is 8 years old, and her name is Jessica. Please join us as we pray for her basic needs: physical, medical, educational, and most importantly spiritual, to be met through World Vision.

Certainly, we do not share this information for the purpose of "patting ourselves on the back", or making our giving known. God's Word tells us not to let our left hand know what our right hand is doing. (Matthew 6:3) We tell you only because we desire to challenge others to give as well. So, may God lay it on your hearts to give until it hurts. Christ did.

Abiding in His Grace,


john john said...

I can set you guys up with trips to Kenya anytime you wanna go

Mike said...

This sounds like a great ministry. One of the things we have enjoyed about our church is the annual missions conference. It gives folks an opportunity to get up close with people in the field and as a result you can find out about different needs that could be met.

Hang in there.

Debra said...

Hey guys (Lori),
It IS encouraging to hear how the Lord is leading others to give and to serve because when you look at the vast needs, you realize that you can do so little on your own. That is why we share about our giving bank on our blog - not to pat ourselves on the back at all but to encourage others to see how easy it is to be involved in giving.

Lori McGuire said...

John -
When Sarah Beth gets a little older, we just might take you up on that!

Mike -
I remember as a student at BCS that I always enjoyed hearing the missionaries speak to us during missions week. Even though I was a heathen back then :O( .
Hope you all are doing well!

Debra -
Amen, and Amen, I love to read what you guys are doing with your change bank each month!! If each of God's hands, feet, eyes, ears, etc... would do a little something, it would make a big difference. God knows how to multiply!!!!