Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day Thoughts on our Freedom

We're busy getting things together for our friends and family to eat.
Looking forward to a long weekend and putting up our feet.

We've got the hotdogs, got the buns, the ribs, the drinks, and such.
Working hard to entertain all those who mean so much.

We put the net up just outside for the kids to have some fun,
I scratch my head and try to think if I've forgotten anyone.

Someone's bringing baked beans, some salad and some slaw,
Can't forget the homemade ice cream - 'cause we love it one and all!

Still it seems there's something that I've missed in all of this,
Something that has slipped my mind in all my busyness.

I pause a moment, slowing down to think, "What could it be?"
"Oh no," I sigh, "It's all those who have died to make me FREE!"

That's what today is all about, not all these other things,
It doesn't matter what we fix, or what everyone else brings!

The day is set aside for us in memory of those who died,
Who sacrificed and gave it all, who gave their very life.

And as I'm feeling grateful for their sacrifices made,
Another comes to mind - My very soul HE came to save.

Freedom comes with no small price, it cost them everything,
It cost their very lives - this freedom that they bring.

And One came not for the USA, His everything He's given,
For all those who will believe on Him, He made them all forgiven.

So on this day we celebrate, Memorial Day, Wah Hoo!!!
Don't forget all of those who died for me and you!

copyright 2009 - Lori McGuire

Happy Memorial Day Everyone,
Abiding in His abundant Grace!!


john john said...

That was good!

Lori McGuire said...

So glad you enjoyed it.

I made that up in about 5 minutes this morning. It's amazing what one can do with 5 spare minutes!

:O) Lori