Tuesday, July 28, 2009

On Mission to Guatemala

Soon, Todd and Anna will be leaving for a trip to Guatemala. While they are there, they will be ministering to the needs of the widows and the people of a particular village. We support a little girl, named Jessica, through World Vision. I wonder if she lives close to where they will be?

While they are away ministering to those needs, I will be at home, ministering to the needs of another once Guatemalan Orphan, now an American - McGuire. We are truly in love with the people of Guatemala, and the country.

While they are in Guatemala, Todd will be helping other men build a small cinder block home for a widow and her children. The home is something you might build out back to store your garden tools and lawn mower. But, for her, it will be home, and she will be most grateful! The home will then be dedicated to the Lord as the local Pastor (whom they will be working with while they are there) prays with the woman and her children. The other residents of the village will surely be looking on.

Anna will be working with the women, doing crafts and Bible activities with the children of the village who will show up to see what is going on at the construction site. Other women who are going will be teaching a ladies Bible study on the book of Ruth.

Last, but certainly not least, those going to work on behalf of Christ for our brothers and sisters in another Country will have the humbling pleasure of washing the feet of these villagers who will travel to be involved in the "Happy Feet" ministry. During this time, they will be fitted for shoes. For many of those who come this will be the first pair of shoes they've ever owned. This is almost unbelievable to me, but I have seen their poverty in person. It is heartbreaking. These people who can be reached in 2 and half hours by plane from Miami live in a way we cannot imagine. To those of you who are helping out by donating shoes for them to take with them, thank you so much!!

Please be in prayer for them as they collect shoes, travel to and from, minister to the needs of these people and share the love of Christ with them by meeting their everyday - practical needs.

And, pray for the little Guatemalan Princess and I as I meet her everyday needs here at home - because of Christ. Adoption is one of the hardest processes I've ever gone through (taking 16 months to complete), but it is one of the most rewarding things I've ever experienced in my life. If it is something God has ever laid on your heart to do, DO IT!! Praise God that He adopted us and we are now Sons and Daughters of the King of Kings!!!!

To see what the mission trip will be like for them, visit http://www.impacto-luismartinez.org/ .

Abiding in His grace,


john john said...

Hey you guys stole the name of my new company! lol Do I bring shoes to the church?

Lori McGuire said...

Hey John:

Well, it's not a ministry here, it's one in Guatemala... so, I guess it's them that "stole" the name. :O)

You can bring any shoes you have to donate to church on Sunday, or if you want you can bring them to Bible study at Brad's Wednesday night.