Monday, July 6, 2009

Homeschooling and the "Work box" method

Hi everyone:

I just had to share a little something about our homeschooling journey here for those of you homeschoolers who read my blog. We have started a modified school week (M,W,F) until everyone else starts back up in August, so that we have extra time off at Christmas, tax season (because we have our own business and I have to get everything together) and for our annual trip to the Tennessee Mountains!

A few months ago, I learned about something called the "workbox" method. After reading the book about it written by Sue Patrick (and available online at, following many blogs, and joining several yahoo groups (one especially for those using the system with My Father's World curriculum which is our curriculum basis this year) I was sold on the "idea".

Now, for any of you who know me, I can get sold on an "idea" pretty quickly, but my follow through - well that's another story :O). So, I decided I would tread slowly and carefully into buying what I needed to set up my "system"- yeah right - I run headlong into most EVERYTHING!! I got that trait from my precious daddy, he never did anything half-way either, and he and I both shared the "dreamer" gene. I miss him dearly.

So... I bought all the stuff, set it all up, sorted out our subjects and had it all ready for Anna's first day of school - 7th grade - can you believe it!??! Here's a little peek into our homeschool day and how it went - this is a post I left on the workboxes yahoo board.


This was our first official day of 7th grade, using Workboxes!!! I have a toddler (2-1/2) who didn't know what to make of "Sissy" being at the table with all of these interesting looking things today, but overall, she's behaved so we could get the work done. (Thank God!!!)

My daughter LOVES the workboxes! She says, "It's like getting a little present in each drawer." We are using the 12"x12" stackable scrapbook drawers (pictured above).

She got everything on her list done (and the 7th grade ECC load is quite a bit, with all of the supplemental stuff), PLUS all of her chores done! I made some file folder games for the little one and she did several of those with the her during the day today too. She's spent time on the computer emailing and im-ing with friends, watched a little t.v., had some down time, and more!!!

I am truly amazed at how smoothly this day went!! All of this while I tended to laundry, finished unpacking from our recent vacation, cared for the needs of a demanding two year old, and even took a short nap!!!

I'm sold on the workbox method (or in our case work drawers)! :O)

Abiding in His grace and enjoying our homeschool journey now more than ever,

Lori Mc.

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