Thursday, April 16, 2009


Well, here's just a cute kid story for those of you that enjoy those.

A homeschool friend of ours has a daughter who's 14. She has been bonding with Sarah off and on since she came home from Guatemala. It was a little contact at first, then allowing Giann to hold her, things like that. Now she will go to Giann. In the process, Giann has been trying to teach Sarah to use the sign language for "please" which is sort of a circular motion to the chest while saying "please" . So, now, she's really picked up and and taken off with it.

"Mommy, can I have a sucker, P*E*A*S* !!!" while rubbing her stomach (not the chest). "Peas, Mommy, peas, peas." Now, imagine this scenario playing itself out a dozen times today over various other things. She's solidly locked on to getting what she wants/needs with "peas".

We are so enjoying the way that she's learning to use so many new phrases and say new things and communicate with us better. It is a daily joy to see what she might come up with each day.

We went to Wal-Mart this afternoon to get groceries, and while we were checking out, I asked Anna to take Sarah across the aisle to the "play area" where they have the candy machines and ride on toys. Anna put her on a bulldozer and she loved it!! She patted the seat beside her for Anna to get up there with her,and when Anna went to join her Sarah shouts out, "All Aboard!" Like she's driving a train!

It was hysterical!!!

The child keeps us in stitches all the time! She is sweet and precious and loving and yummy. We just all love her like crazy, and in return she loves us all back just the same way, and it is such an amazing blessing.

Children, (and everything that comes with them) are a blessing from the Lord!! Lastnight, I took dinner to a family from our Family Small Group class who just had baby #5! WOW! I don't know how she does it, and homeschools, but I wish I could do it. I really think I'd love to have a "quiver full" for our family. Who knows what the Lord may have for us some day.

Abiding in HIS grace,


Giann said...

Now we just need to teach her "thank you."

Lori McGuire said...


Anna has started working on that with her!! She can say "thank you" and "your welcome" although she doesn't actually use them much anymore, but she's never known the sign for them. She used to say them alot.

She seems to go through times when she says something alot and then all of a sudden won't say it at all. Right now she keeps calling Todd "Momma" and she's gone to calling me "Mommy". He just says, "No, I'm Daddy." LOL

We're just so glad she's communicating. Thanks for teaching her "peas".
Mrs. Lori