Sunday, March 1, 2009

Snow in Alabama!

Well, it isn't often that we enjoy a little white dusting here in the South, but today we got a little snow!

My girls enjoyed playing in it, and I got a couple of pictures of them and the snow around our house to share with you here.

I've added a couple of other new pictures. Sarah had been playing all afternoon with a pair of Anna's old sunglasses and binoculars, and when she stopped for a drink and a snack, she pushed them up on top of her head like I do. It was hillarious!



Giann said...

Did you check out my post? Looks like y'all had fun!!!

John Edwards said...

My friend in Idaho sent me a pic of snow up to her car windows!

Stephanie said...

i still can't believe that is the same child i met in Guate almost 1.5 years ago?!?!?! She is getting so big! Hope all is well!