Saturday, August 2, 2008

Blog Clog

It seems that my blogging days have taken a serious slow down.

Since I fell in April, my back just can't take too much time on the computer at once. Not only that, I have this new little addition that we have affectionately nicknamed "Hurricane Sarah!" She can do more "damage" in the blink of an eye than you could imagine!

I am scheduled to have a spinal block in about two weeks. I had an MRI which determined that I have a large herniation in my cervical spine that is flattening the hemicord and affecting the nerve rootend. Gee, I told them I was in pain!!! Seems now we all know why!

Anyway, I covet your prayers as I undergo this procedure, and hope to be back in blog world before you know it.

God's richest blessings,

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Stephanie said...

praying for you... i know back pain after an injury on the water last summer that still causes me pain (bulging disc/dislocated hip). I totally understand not being able to do the things you desire and need to do! Just vacuuming=pain!
( I can recommend a great doc if you are not impressed with yours. He was highly recommended to me!!!! He was great and does not jump straight to surgery- which is what I wanted to avoid at all cost!)
Praying for you during this tough time!