Friday, December 28, 2012

Yearly Beach Trip Photos - Relocated

As I have looked over my blog the last few days and reaccessed, I decided I needed to move some of my photos and update some things because it's been so long since I've been here and there's a little "housekeeping" that needs to be done.

This post will include some of those older photos, to relocate them and get them out of the sidebar.

Enjoy these "oldie but goodies" things really have changed.  We've all changed. Some of us a little, some of us a LOT!

Enjoying this gift of a family, while Abiding in His grace,

These photos are from our 20th trip to the beaches of

Panama City Beach, Florida!

Anna at Sundown

Anna at Sundown

My Bunch at Sunset

I am absent from the "beach" pictures this year since I could not walk in the sand.

Sarah on the Sand


Giann with Sarah

Giann with Sarah
Todd took this one.

The View From Our Balcony

The View From Our Balcony
These older photos are from our previous year's visit to the same place... Panama City Beach, FL.

Todd and I poolside. This is our 19th trip to the beach now.

We're getting old....

My girls and I enjoying a little shade.


My Big Girl!

Anna is 12 now and growing so fast!! 
(Wow, look up at the top of this post! What a difference a year makes, huh?)

Cooling Off at the Beach

This is how you do it when you don't like the ocean!
(Sarah's 1st trip to the beach. Age 2)

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